Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Morning Memo

        Today's Number: 1,500 — Types of Martha Stewart products — sheets, cushions, gardening tools, candles and kitchenware, even chopsticks — sold in Japan.


Today's Mover

               Mike Collins has joined Ameritek Custom Homes as sales and marketing director. Mr. Collins brings nearly 20 years' experience to the western Hamilton County home-building operation.
       — Shirley Dees


Today's Career Talk

               The secret of Dell's success is not much of a secret anymore. By using the Web as the backbone in the communications system with suppliers, Dell was able to slash inventories to almost nothing. From a 13-day supply in 1997, Dell today has a five-day supply: a $50 million savings, says James Champy, author of X-Engineering the Corporation: Reinventing Your Business in the Digital Age. Customer service has also benefited. “When there is a customer complaint about quality, for example, it rockets back through Dell to the appropriate supplier,” Mr. Champy says.
       — John Eckberg


Today's Money Tip

               One signal that a stock might be a good buy is annual boosts to dividends. Because dividends are actual cash leaving the company, they are a better sign of the underlying health of a company and not as susceptible to accounting trickery as vague earnings statements.
       — Amy Higgins

       Today's Company: CHILD FOCUS INC.

        FAMILY FRIENDLY: In 23 years, this child and family advocacy organization has grown substantially. CEO Jim Carter has guided Child Focus from its early days with a staff of five and annual budget of $200,000 to a staff of 240 and a budget of $10 million. The organization provides a broad range of child care, preschool and behavior health services to support families and serve more than 3,000 children each year.

        HEAD START AND CATCH-UP: Child Focus' portfolio of services includes Head Start, parenting education and family literacy programs; GED classes; crisis intervention; health care; therapy and professional training.

        LAURELS: Based in Mount Carmel, Child Focus has been recognized by the Clermont County commissioners, as well as by Clermont 2001 Inc. The organization has earned commendations from national social service associations, and this year it received an “Emerging Excellence” Small Business of the Year Award from the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.
       — Jenny Callison


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