Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Love stories with suspense, humor top charts

By Michele Day
Enquirer contributor

        Romantic suspense stories are currently the leading romance novel subgenre, according to Charis Calhoon, communications manager for Romance Writers of America.

        In these stories the “hero and heroine are solving a crime, racing against the clock, extricating themselves from a dangerous situation (all the while falling in love, of course).”

        The contemporary heroes of romantic suspense stories tend to be police officers, FBI agents, bodyguards and Navy SEALs, she says.

        Contemporary romances with a strong humorous undertone also top the best-seller charts. Favorite authors include Susan Elizabeth Philips, Rachel Gibson and Susan Anderson, Ms. Calhoon says.

        But the historical romance is “holding its own” in the highly competitive industry, Ms. Calhoon says.

        Many of the most successful historical authors — such as Connie Brockway, Christina Dodd, Julia Quinn and Lisa Kleypas — set most of their books in the Regency period in England.


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