Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Deal to drop dancer's charges is off

By Sheila McLaughlin smclaughlin@enquirer.com
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        LEBANON - Dancers at Bristol's Show Club & Revue swore to tell the truth when they testified in the prostitution trial of a colleague last week. Apparently, it wasn't the story that prosecutors wanted to hear.

        A deal to drop prostitution charges against dancer Katie Bradley is off, said James Hartke, who represented another dancer.

        Lebanon City Attorney Mark Yurick won jury convictions Saturday against Jana Ullman, 22, of Fairfield, on three counts of misdemeanor prostitution.

        “There were some discussions in them (the dancers) being provided some consideration for their truthful testimony, but that isn't what occurred,” he said Monday.

        Ms. Bradley, who produced a black leather whip at trial and described how an investigator asked her to whip him, was among three dancers who testified for the defense that the sex acts were simulated.

        Ms. Ullman also testified on her own behalf, saying the alleged sex acts were “one big fantasy show.”

        The two other dancers who testified weren't affected by the prosecutor's decision because they either had pleaded guilty to prostitution or were acquitted in July.

        All were charged with committing oral sex and other acts on one another during “couch dances,” for which they were paid $35 to $40 each.

        Mr. Hartke, who represented Ms. Ullman, said the truth was “a matter of opinion.”

        “When you get the same story from defendant after defendant ... you have to question the testimony of the police officers,” he said.

        Ms. Bradley's lawyer, Jay Revelson, said prosecutors have not told him why they reneged on their offer to dismiss the prostitution charges against his client, who also faced drug charges.

        The 23-year-old Wyoming woman was placed on two years probation and fined $500 Monday after pleading guilty to attempted drug trafficking at the club.

        More than 30 Bristol's employees were arrested on charges of drug trafficking, prostitution and liquor violations after the adult club was raided by the Warren County Drug Task Force in March.

        “The agreement was that she would testify truthfully and they would dismiss that charge. I don't know what happened,” Mr. Revelson said.

        Ms. Bradley is adamant about clearing her name of the prostitution charge, so the misdemeanor case will go to trial, he said.


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