Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Morning Memo

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        Today's Number: $1.57 billion - Sales of Patriot Bonds between December and July, $419 million more than were sold during the year-earlier period, the Treasury Department said.

        Today's Mover: Kayla Clinton has been named claims manager at Cincinnati Equitable Insurance Co. Ms. Clinton has been senior claims representative at Cincinnati Equitable since she joined the company in 2000. She began her career in the field in 1977 as a claims assistant. She is also an experienced litigation representative in property damage and bodily injury claims.

        Today's Money Tip: Have you bought a product that left you feeling like you got a lemon? Two Web sites offer tips on how to get something done about it. One is the Consumer Law Page, www.consumerlawpage.com/article/complain.shtml, which gives details on how file a product complaint. The Federal Trade Commission provides a “File a Complaint Online” feature at this site: www.ftc.gov/ftc/consumer.htm

        Today's Company: HYPERQUAKE

        IMAGING INNOVATION: Located in downtown Cincinnati, this interactive design firm specializes in Web-site design and development, Flash development, interactive demonstrations and presentations, e-commerce functions and interactive CD-ROMs. Its products can be used with PDAs, laptops and mobile telephones.

        MAKING WAVES: In its two years of existence, hyperQUAKE has snagged clients such as Warner Brothers, Krispy Kreme and Verizon.

        GETTING RAVES: hyperQUAKE was recently featured in Communication Arts magazine and the August issue of HOW Magazine's Interactive Design Annual. The company is the primary developer for all materials for this year's PocketPC Summit.

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