Thursday, September 19, 2002

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Today's Number: 2,000

        Stores that Target Corp. plans to have open by 2010, up from 1,107 at the end of August, chief financial officer Douglas Scovanner said.

Today's Mover

        Gene Ewing has joined Fifth Third Bank as vice president and senior wealth adviser in the investment advisers division. Mr. Ewing is responsible for using advanced planning techniques for the bank's wealthiest clients. He was with Arthur Andersen LLP for 28 years. He graduated from the University of Kentucky with a bachelor's degree in accountancy.

— Shirley Dees

Today's Career Talk

        Roger Von Oech, in Expect the Unexpected or You Won't Find It suggests that humor can jumpstart any meeting. “If ... I encourage the participants to be humorous and offbeat in their approach to the exercises I give them, their answers are generally more interesting and provocative,” Mr. Von Oech concluded.

— John Eckberg

Today's Money Tip

        Before rolling your 401(k) from an old job into an IRA, consider the tax implications. Rolling the old account into a Roth IRA would incur income taxes on the account balance. You typically don't want to use funds from the account to pay the taxes, so consider a Roth IRA only if you have enough cash on hand to pay the taxes.

— Amy Higgins

Today's Company: Para Instructional Designs

        Learning Links: Robert Sanders and Jill Abbott founded this online learning firm in October 2000 and were sufficiently encouraged about its success 10 months later that they left their former jobs to focus on Para full-time. They found that e-learning often lacked real instructional design that used electronic technology effectively.

        Diverse Clientele: By developing interactive instruction that engages the learner, this “Digital Rhine” company has helped organizations educate and train individuals in a personalized way. Para has announced that it will work with Consolidated Health Services supporting training of more than 2,000 employees.

        Making Connections: Mr. Sanders and Ms. Abbott attended Indiana University together in the 1980s. After gravitating to different parts of the country, they met again five years ago while working on graduate degrees at the University of Cincinnati. A year later they reconnected while working as consultants with schools in Southwest Ohio.

— Jenny Callison



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