Monday, September 23, 2002

Where are the speed humps?

You Asked for It

ByBy Walt Schaefer,
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Question: About two years ago, I was told by city officials that our street — Kirbert Avenue — would be getting speed humps and additional street lighting. Will you please find out if these improvements will be made and when?

Chris Hornback, Price Hill

        Answer: Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey said his department was asked by City Council to investigate these requests to determine if they were warranted. The request for street lighting resulted in the installation of two additional lights on Kirbert in the 800 and 900 blocks. The work was completed in 1999. The installations brought the street lighting level up to city standards for residential streets of this type. No additional lighting is planned, Mr. Bailey said. The request for speed humps resulted in a neighborhood street calming study and analysis in compliance with city guidelines. This street did not receive a high enough priority rating for street humps in 1999, but two speed limit signs were installed and the street restudied in 2000. Conditions did not change between studies. The location fell below the funding and priority limits for speed humps, he said.

        Q: The exit at southbound Interstate 71 at Montgomery Road in Sycamore Township is dangerous. There are three lanes to access Montgomery from the ramp — one lane to turn left, and two lanes to turn right. All lanes are clearly marked with visible signs. Still, motorists in the left lane usually have to turn into the right lane of Montgomery because of the frequent back-up of motorists in the left lane planning to enter northbound I-71. Drivers illegally turn left onto Montgomery from the middle lane on the ramp.

Mary Kay Doyle, Newtown

        A. Lieutenant Dan Reid of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Patrol said traffic enforcement will be increased at this interchange. Kim Patton, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Transportation, said the state plans an improvement project next summer that will widen Montgomery Road to seven lanes at the interchange, which should alleviate the congestion.

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