Thursday, January 9, 2003

Knip's Eye View

Artists getting the swing of bats


And this for people who love art, baseball bats and really weird imaginations: Bats Incredible! is moving at such a clip that even Tamara Harkavy, the ArtWorks director in charge, can't keep up.

Bats Incredible! is the public art project that will display 250 works of art made from standard 34-inch Louisville Sluggers. By the Reds' Opening Day (March 31) there should be 50 in downtown Cincinnati, Covington and Newport, with the rest going up as quickly as they get them out.

"I'm amazed at the things coming in," Harkavy says. "We require that they submit a maquette (model of the finished product), so we have an idea of what it will look like."

So tell us.

"Ohmigosh, we have a dinosaur skeleton called Batasaurus that's just incredible. There's also Rodin's `Thinker,' which is amazing. (It's actually titled "Sparky Rodinderson, The Pinch Thinker.") There's a tiara on a satin pillow and a chandelier called Batolier."

As with the Big Pig Gig and Flower Power, puns are everywhere, especially with names of Reds players - like Johnny's bench and Pete's rose.

"You always worry at first, but now that I see what's coming in, well, I have no worries."

The call to artists went out in early December and continues until 5 p.m. Monday. Artists looking to participate can go to or call ArtWorks at 333-0388. Packets are also available at a bunch of art supply stores.

Next up: The Draft Party next Thursday where sponsors look at the submissions and select the one they'll bank roll at $3,000 to $10,000. The works will be up through Oct. 3, then sold at a Nov. 3 auction.

Wedding news: Meanwhile, those unfortunates among us who didn't get an invitation to the wedding of Jessica Simpson and Cincinnatian Nick Lachey - as in 98 Degrees - can now get a peek.

It's the cover story of InStyle's Weddings, on the stands this week. It's eight pages of pictures - Simpson in her Vera Wang dress, Lachey in his Hugo Boss tux - and breathless copy about the goings on at the Austin, Texas, ceremony and party for 250.

It's also a part of a TV special on the magazine and its weddings - 8 p.m. Jan. 21, Channel 5.


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