Thursday, January 23, 2003

Knip's eye view

Motorcycle mama rides to support United Way


So how about a round of applause for 91-year-old Loretta Kramer, who's fresh back from Bayside Thunder, an annual motorcycle run in Sarasota, Fla.

Honest, she rode a Harley all over town for the United Way fund-raiser that raised more than $10,000. Because, she says, "When you get to be my age you depend on a lot of United Way funded programs, so you need to support them any way you can. At least this is the excuse I give my geriatric friends."

"Mom's incredible," says son Bob, a motivational speaker based in Fairfield. "Don't ask her to do something if you don't mean it, because she'll do it. The only answer she knows how to give is yes."

Loretta Kramer, 91, rode a motorcycle to benefit the United Way.

The irony of all this is that she did just fine tooling around Florida on a bike, but got home and suffered a fall in her Bridgetown home.

"She's recovering nicely and shocking her doctors everyday," Bob says.

Super Cowboy: Going to prove once again, it pays off big-time to arm yourself with a guitar and sing songs in New York's Times Square wearing only your tightie whities.

That from the Naked Cowboy (John Robert Burck), the Cincinnatian who made a name for himself locally by getting kicked out of a zillion events - Taste of Cincinnati, Cinergy Field, bunches of festivals - `cause cops here don't like guys in undies and cowboy boots.

But in New York, well, he's hot stuff - Today Show, MTV, Rikki Lake's and Howard Stern's shows, a documentary on street performers, engagements in Germany and Australia. He's even on postcards showing Times Square.

And now this: Come Sunday, he'll turn up on a commercial during the Super Bowl. Reached last week on his cell phone - no, we don't know where he keeps it, so don't ask - he said, "It's a Pepsi commercial with Beyonce Knowles as the star, I guess replacing Britney (Spears) as the Pepsi singer. Spike Lee directed it, and what he did was build a complete Times Square in a Burbank studio, then populate it with a cast of New York characters. Like me.

"I can only tell by the way the shoot went, but I think it's a really good commercial."

It better be, at $2.1-$2.2 million for 30 seconds of airtime.

Slinging hash: Elsewhere in the ever-growing circus the Super Bowl has become, Cincinnati chef Jean-Robert de Cavel, as in Jean-Robert at Pigall's, will cook again at Taste of the NFL, a $400 a head fund-raiser for hunger relief (including Cincinnati's FreeStore/FoodBank) that invites chefs from the 32 NFL cities to team up with a former player and cook something tasty.

This year's edition is Saturdayi n San Diego, where de Cavel's going to be a whole lot warmer than the rest of us.

For his fourth trip to the event, de Cavel will be paired again with former Bengal offensive lineman Dave Lapham - honest, he really does know how to cook, though people who have been to the party say his quips are even better than his food. The pair will whip up a spicy warm shrimp salad with vegetable cole slaw, hazelnut and tomatoes.

Oh, and if you're feeling really ambitious and want to try all the foods, de Cavel is selling Taste of the NFL Restaurant Guide for $19.95, complete with all the recipes and a bunch of chef and player bios.


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