Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Lawyers get cooking to help the hungry

First it was real estate attorney Terry Monnie rounding up chefs for food-oriented benefits. Now it's the law firm of Frost Brown Todd and eight of its lawyers in a kitchen.

"Some of us are trained chefs," says Rodger Moore, spokesman for the cooks. "Others are really serious amateurs."

What the lawyer/chefs are doing is renting out Culinary Sol's entire facility March 9 for a demonstration and, this is the important part, a tasting. Jean-Robert de Cavel (Jean-Robert at Pigall's) will also do a demonstration.

"All 70 tickets ($50) are sold," Moore says. "It's almost all lawyers and their spouses."

Hmm. Seventy lawyers in one place at one time? There's a joke there waiting to happen.

Anyway, they'll eat well: Cream of endive soup, bruschetta, barbecued shrimp, fish in parchment paper, crab cakes, chocolate mousse, pork tenderloin with onion confit, lemon tart.

Proceeds go to the FreeStore/FoodBank.

Animal lust: Don't know what you did Valentine's Day, but we know there were 25 couples who had a wild time at the zoo.

They were participants in the Wild Sex program, an annual deal where the education department shares animal mating secrets.

The adults-only class conducted by zoo staffer Dan Marsh always sells out, says public relations staffer Chad Yelton.

No wonder. They learn: The female porcupine is in heat only four hours a year. The male keeps his distance the rest of the year. The male shrew brain isn't equipped with a "turn off" mechanism, so he runs from female to female, mating until he dies. In the marathon sex department, stick insects take the prize: 79 days of continuous copulation.

We need a nap.

Getting nekkid: Clap it for Dr. Henry Heimlich and the Contemporary Arts Center, which are both soon to receive the first Naked Thinkers Award.

That from Marco Polo Marsan, author of Think Naked: Childlike Brilliance in a Rough

Adult World (Jodere Group; $17).

Let's get rid of the confusion first: Cincinnati knows Marsan as Marc, but he recently changed his name to Marco Polo Marsan, "because Marco Polo Explorers is the name of my company, and that's what I do - explore."

The rest of the world knows Marsan from his last book: Who Are You When Nobody's Looking landed him on The View, Montel Williams, a zillion radio shows and in national publications.

The new book, due in mid-March but already available at Amazon.com, is similar: "As kids, 98 percent of us are creative geniuses. But we lose it growing up. Think Naked is about taking what you've learned in life and marrying it with your uninhibited 4-year-old creative brilliance.

"I call it thinking naked."

Enter the CAC and Heimlich, two of the best local examples, despite the controversy that frequently surrounds the pair - Heimlich for his malaria therapy for AIDS and the CAC for, well, any number of shows, including the Mapplethorpe exhibit.

"Everything Dr. Heimlich is about is thinking naked. He went the usual doctor route, then made a left turn when everyone else made a right. And the CAC, what that place represents, the guts it displays, the way it challenges us, that's thinking naked too.

"Jodere, my publisher, likes to create product lines around books, so we came up with the awards."

Heimlich and the CAC will be honored at the book's April 1 release party at Bella.

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