Sunday, April 13, 2003 -- Volume 7, No. 103
Mosquitoes bringing
us West Nile virus?

Bridgetown resident Dave Zanitsch didn't take warnings about West Nile virus seriously - until he suffered a debilitating bout of the mosquito-borne disease.
Stagnant water is skeeters' nursery

Phony offer nabs 13 on warrants
Instead of making calls on a free cell phone, 13 people may be making a call from jail.

DVDs steal the show
Fans of home video are switching from tapes to DVDs, drawn by such extras as deleted scenes, alternate endings and on-set interviews.
VCR survives because it records

Local firms did well in 2002
The ongoing sluggish economy continued to plague Greater Cincinnati's bottom line in 2002. But take out a single company, and the bottom line doesn't look so bad.
Special charges can skew real profit picture

Dining Out 24/7
Any time of the day or night, somewhere in your town, someone is hungry. Between the hours of 8 a.m. and midnight, that's not a problem.

Drafting QB a risky call
With the No. 1 draft pick, the Bengals are going to choose a quarterback, a cornerback or a receiver. Most receivers and defensive backs taken in the top 10 the past 10 years have had been productive NFL players. Not so for quarterbacks.
Popular choices in the draft and how they fared

kearns Phillies 8, Reds 5
It came down this: two outs in the ninth and Austin Kearns, who hit a game-winning homer Friday and homered again Saturday, the tying run at the plate. But he popped out.
Complete Reds coverage

Complete local news report

Packages for soldiers filled with caring
Chandler running on roots, record
Crash kills mother of two
Change in counting of students proposed
Tristate A.M. Report

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Complete sports report

Masters golf updates
Beisbol comes home to Puerto Rico
Kitna knows security fleeting
Defense stars in Miami spring game
High school sports page

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Complete editorials report

Iraq lawlessness: Restore authority
Erpenbeck plea deal: Extensive fraud
Readers' Views

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Complete business report

Many can't weather economic downturn
Inks reflect attitudes, survey says
Chiropractor bends practice to meet needs
Industry notes: Commercial real estate
What's the Buzz?

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Complete tempo report

Opera star is born
Eating out on Easter? Consider these
Firehouses come alive
Retiree enjoys collection of oil cans
Get to it!

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Showdown in Iraq
Latest developments:

Complete coverage:
Post a message for soldiers
Local news and resources
In-depth coverage from
  USAToday and Gannett

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