Thursday, April 24, 2003

Readers' Views

Too many unanswered questions on CPS levy

The Cincinnati Public Schools want $480 million from the May 6 bond issue for 35 new schools and 31 renovated schools. Who is going to pay for the cost of running these new schools? New schools have to cost more to run than old ones.

Does the CPS system have that money already set aside or is that cost overrun going on the next bond issue? Where will the money come from for the upkeep of these schools? It's obvious that the CPS system has not taken care of the schools that it currently has, or they wouldn't be asking for $480 million. Thirty-five-plus years of building neglect and now it wants us to pay for it.

Where has all the money gone? Obviously, it has not gone into educating the students. Let's not forget, the Cincinnati Public Schools scored the lowest on the state fourth-grade proficiency test out of 50 local school districts. CPS scored 21 percent. I think we should give a big round of applause to all of the CPS teachers on a job well done. At that rate, I am extremely glad none of them decided on a career in medicine. If the issue passes, I will have a for sale sign in my front yard the next day. Only in teaching can one be 21 percent successful and still keep a job. Well, that and weather forecasting.

Richard A. Johnson, Green Township

Anti-war protestors need a good depression

This country does not need a tax cut. Give our men and women in our armed forces a big raise in pay. Don't put any more money in the hands of the yellow-bellied, anti-war protestors what we need for them is a good depression.

Robert E. Hathorn, Anderson Township

Taxpayers, tell them no to judicial palace

So the Ohio Supreme Court is building a big new palace for themselves. How can they see any justification to do something like this when they cannot balance a budget yearly, and what is even worse is a projected budget in the billions?

The governor is a spending whirlwind, especially at the expense of taxpayers. We are always the ones who suffer. How many taxpayers will ever see the inside of the building? It is time for taxpayers to stand up and say, "We've had enough."

I question the saying, "America is free." Not when property tax keeps going up, taxes are levied on us, and we can't even vote no to them.

Margaret Sonneman, Kenwood

Academics valuable to success in any field

In response to the letter ("Don't cut funding for vocational ed" April 21), I suggest that while obtaining a college degree is not a suitable choice for all students, an academic education is essential to success in any field.

Angie Dwyer, Monfort Heights

Dissent must be heard for free speech to work

Thank you for publishing Karen Heller's column on Free Speech ("Everybody keep talking," April 21).

In Hamilton County, folks who like to think independently have a difficult time hearing much "free speech." People who oppose the actions of our present government in Washington must be heard. It pays a democratic nation to listen to both sides of every political theory. It is disrespectful not to give dissenters an opportunity to speak.

Also, I am grateful for the wonderfully amusing editorial cartoons of Jim Borgman.

Noel Zeiser, Monfort Heights

Doctors need bonuses to give good care?

The April 10 Enquirer ("Doctors to earn for good results") says, "Doctors earn extra pay for excellent results" by corporations. Aren't all doctors supposed to have good results without a bonus?

How can a "bonus" in itself increase a doctor's performance better than his education and experience? The law of supply and demand for excellent service already boosts their income accordingly. Doctors already receive "no-bonus" salaries based on their abilities. How can a bonus make them better doctors?

Bonuses for extra hours - yes. Bonuses for good results - no.

Dave Sharp, Oakley

Leftover Peeps great roasted over campfire

Having read the Enquirer's article (April 17) about Peeps and for all the people who have leftover. The peeps are wonderful toasted over a campfire. They are far better than plain marshmallows. The toasted Peeps get a crispy crust on the outside, so all your campers out there find the leftover Peeps because they make the campfires special for everyone.

Marlena Haag, Delhi Township

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