Monday, August 11, 2003

Who'll marry this dad?

Don Mueller of Glendale will propose to either Christy or Christena tonight on the finale of NBC's Who Wants to Marry My Dad?

That choice will not be his own, however, as his four grown children, Joe, 26; Chris, 22; Heidi, 21; and Karla Barela, 25, will pick a fiancee for him by episode's end. Last week, the kids admitted that both women are well suited for their father, albeit in different ways, giving even odds for the final choice.

Enquirer reporter Mandy Jenkins offers a look at the finalists and their 50-50 chance of taking home the hubby.

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Christy Christy

This former Miss U.S.A. has caused quite a stir with the Mueller family. The Texas beauty has charm to spare - and it certainly isn't lost on Dad. She and Don have great chemistry and he is obviously very attracted to her.

But while Don likes her playful nature, the kids are not so impressed. After being picked to take out the trash in last week's episode, Christy jokes that at her house, her sons usually do the job. At that, Joe says, "Well, this isn't your house." Ouch!

The kids believe that Christy is not sincere and is only interested in winning - at any cost. They have noted in every episode that she doesn't seem like "wife material."

Last week, she admitted in a lie detector test that she would not marry Don if he gained 50 pounds. She said she is falling in love with him, which seemed to surprise the kids. Karla observed that Christy does not love him unconditionally.

What Christy does have going for her is that the kids acknowledge the connection with their father. They admit that in some ways, she is the right match for him.

Christena Christena

Sophisticated and cultured, Christena is well-respected by both Don and his children. She and Don fit well together and easily fall into conversation. She said she and Don share the same values: family, laughter, loyalty, honesty and love.

Like Christy, she is a single mother and is intent on finding a provider. Because of this, she doesn't date men who are not well-off.

In the third episode, the kids asked her if she would date a man who made less than $50,000 a year, and she said she wouldn't. This led them to believe that Christena may simply be after their business-owner father's wallet.

Even if they do question her motives, the kids recognize that she is compatible with their father. In return, Christena said she adores the kids.

Don seems to appreciate Christena's love for the finer things. Last week, he took her on a date fit for a princess, complete with ball gown, tiara and carriage. He is attracted to her and she to him, but he admits she has only recently begun opening up to him.

Don Benefit party

What: Who Wants to Marry My Dad? LAM Benefit Dinner and Viewing Party with the Mueller family

When: 7:30-11:30 p.m. tonight

Where: East Club Lounge at Paul Brown Stadium

Admission: Event is open to the public with limited seating. Tickets are $50 (includes buffet dinner). Call 777-3209 for more information.

Details: Features food stations, live auction and personally signed autographed pictures. Channel 5's Anne Marie Tiernon will emcee. Dress is cocktail casual. Proceeds benefit the LAM Foundation, a locally established nonprofit agency that researches the disease lymphangioleiomyomatosis, a progressive lung disease that affects only women. It has no known cause, cure or effective treatment. Don Mueller picked the LAM Foundation after attending a fund-raiser a few months ago, where he says he was "touched."

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Who'll marry this dad?
Vote in our 'Marry My Dad' poll
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