Sunday, September 21, 2003

Take our Emmy quiz

How much do you know about the Prime-time Emmys? Take this little quiz and find out.

1. Bill Cosby, who receives the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award tonight, won how many Emmys for NBC's hit The Cosby Show?

2. Law & Order is tied with which two shows for a record 11 consecutive nominations for best series?

3. Which series has won the most Emmys?

Mary Tyler Moore

4. What show holds the record for winning the most Emmys (9) in a single season?

5. Which comedy series holds the record for most nominations in one season?

Will & Grace
The Larry Sanders Show
Sex and the City

6. What program holds the record for most wins as best drama series?

Hill Street Blues
L.A. Law
The Sopranos

7. Who has won the most Emmys for playing the same role in the same series?

Kelsey Grammer, Frasier
Don Knotts, The Andy Griffith Show
Dennis Franz, NYPD Blue
Candice Bergen, Murphy Brown

8. How many Emmys have been won by Martin Sheen, nominated seven times in 30 years, including four straight as best lead actor for The West Wing?

9. How many Emmys were presented to ABC's popular Dynasty soap?

10. Who has the most prime-time Emmy nominations as an individual?

James L. Brooks
Dwight Hemion
David Letterman
Ed Asner

Quiz Answers:

1. None. Cosby was never nominated for The Cosby Show. But he has three Emmys for acting in a drama (I Spy, 1966-68), and another for best variety program (The Bill Cosby Special, 1969).

2. M*A*S*H and Cheers.

3. Three Emmys last year pushed Frasier (30) past Mary Tyler Moore (29) and Cheers (28). Frasier also holds the record for most awards as best comedy series (5).

4. The West Wing (1999-2000).

5. The Larry Sanders Show (16).

6. Hill Street Blues and L.A. Law (4 each).

7. Don Knotts and Candice Bergen (5 each).

8. One, as a guest star on Murphy Brown in 1994.

9. None. Dynasty is the biggest Emmy loser, no awards from 24 nominations.

10. Producer-director Dwight Hemion (47) has three more individual nominations than David Letterman (44), and has won the most Emmys for an individual (18).

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