Monday, September 22, 2003

Morning memo

Today's number: 29

Percentage of wage and salary workers 16 and over employed full-time who are on flexible schedules, according to the Census Bureau.

Today's career talk

In The Portable Mentor: Your Anywhere, Anytime Career Coach and Problem Solver, author Cy Charney suggests that the best executives are those who hire good people and then delegate to them. But what duties should be delegated? "Document your activities for a week and divide tasks into two categories - those that you can do and those that can be delegated," he says. Delegated duties should include: routine meetings, collecting data, routine jobs.

Today's money tip

Shopping robots, or "bots," offer a convenient method of comparing prices on a particular product. Not all bots are alike. Some feature a range of product categories, while others focus on a specific types of goods.

If you'd like to do some serious cyberspace shopping or just a bit of Web window browsing, visit Search for a low price on an item or for a specific retailer.


MOVING EXPERIENCES: West-side resident Lisa McLaughlin loves to move, believing that relocating to a new home is like getting a fresh start in life. She launched her company in 1989 when she realized that there was a market for moving services that included more than just loading and transport of home furnishings. Welcome Home packs, unpacks and arranges, offering a completely unpacked, professionally organized and decorated home by the end of the move day.

FINDING A NICHE: The company, based in Delhi Township, works primarily within a 25-mile radius of Cincinnati. It has served thousands of clients in its 15-year history. One segment of its clientele consists of older people who want extra help in moving into retirement communities.

BLUEPRINT: Welcome Home employs more than 20 people, most of whom have been with the company for over six years. It is continuing to grow by offering consulting services to entrepreneurs elsewhere who want to establish their own "settling-in" service.

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