Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Readers say Dave should get hitched

By John Kiesewetter
The Cincinnati Enquirer

And the No. 1 thing that first-time dad David Letterman needs? To get married!

That was the overwhelming response from the Enquirer's request for ideas to help Letterman, 56, and his partner, Regina Lasko, before they become parents late this year.

Actually, when Letterman revealed the pregnancy to his Late Show audience Sept. 12, he said that he and Lasko were talking about marriage. But there are other things that Dave needs. Here is our readers' Top 10 List:

10. A child-proof humidor.

9. A SpongeBiff SquarePants toy.

8. An ultrasound to see if it's viewer male or female.

7. Don't seek advice from Macaulay Culkin's parents.

6. A platoon of U.S. Marines guarding the Viagra to prevent this tactical error from happening again.

5. Start saving for Ball State RIGHT NOW!

4. A Drew Barrymore pacifier.

3. A "Speeding Dad on Board" sign for the car.

2. Jay Leno Diaper Wipes.

1. A marriage license!


Special thanks to Laura Z. Dorward, M.K. Loeffler, Steve Lange, B. Friedman, Michael J. Matre, Chris O'Brien and Janeen Coyle.

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