Thursday, September 25, 2003

Lewis and Clark trivia challenge

By Valerie Christopher
Enquirer contributor

Step back in time and take a journey to see how well you know one of the greatest adventures ever made in American History. Take this Lewis and Clark trivia challenge:

1. What did author Stephen Ambrose call the expedition that took place on the banks of the Missouri River in St. Charles with Lewis, Clark and 45 stouthearts?

2. What was the name of the Shoshone Indian woman who joined the Lewis & Clark Expedition at the Mandan Villages in North Dakota?

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3. Which two members of the Lewis & Clark Expedition left the St. Louis area in spring 1804 but did not return with Lewis & Clark to that same area at the conclusion of the expedition in 1806?

4. Of the three rivers that form to create the headwaters of the Missouri River near the community of Three Forks, which did the Lewis & Clark Expedition continue to follow in search of the famed "Inland Passage"?

5. From whom did the United States purchase the Louisiana Territory?

6. Which of the following was the goal of the Lewis & Clark Expedition? a) Find the Fountain of Youth b) Explore the Seven Cities of Gold c) Explore the North Pole d) Find a water route across America to the Pacific Ocean

7. Capt. Meriwether Lewis bought a full-grown Newfoundland dog in Pittsburgh for $20 and named it what?

8. How long did the actual journey take?

9. What type of animal did the pair send back to President Jefferson?

10. Which captain, Lewis or Clark, did not have formal educational training and often filled his journals with frequent grammatical and spelling errors, and long and confusing language?

11. On what date did President Jefferson receive approval from Congress to commission the trip he called "The Corps of Discovery?

12. What was the final cost of the trip President Jefferson asked Congress to finance for $2,500?

13. What was Meriwether Lewis' relationship to President Jefferson?

14. What were the names of the three North Dakota Indian tribes instrumental in the success of the Lewis and Clark expedition?

15. Who invented the Transportable Satellite Internet System (TSIS) and why do the Lewis and Clark re-enactors rely heavily upon this technology throughout their waterway portion of the original journey?

Scroll down for answers.


1. "This Nation's Odyssey."

2. Sacagawea (sometimes spelled Sacajawea and Sakakawea).

3. Sgt. Floyd and John Colter.

4. A: The Jefferson River

5. France, for approximately 3 cents per square acre.

6. D

7. Seaman.

8. 2 years, 4 months and 10 days; they covered over 8,000 miles.

9. Prairie dog

10. Clark

11. Feb. 28, 1803.

12. $38,727.

13. His secretary.

14. The Mandan Nation, Hidatsa Nation and the Arikara Nation

15. Alan Escovitz and Bob Dixon, from Ohio State University's Office of the Chief Information Officer. It is used by the re-enactors to webcast reports, stream video and video conferencing with schools along points of the journey.

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