Thursday, September 25, 2003

Smarter eating

Nutrition tips

The Nutrition Council of Greater Cincinnati offers these tips:

At the market, make a list and stick to it. Plan healthy meals and snacks ahead and ignore bargain buys and free samples.

Don't shop when you're hungry. It's hard to ignore the bakery aisle if your stomach is growling.

Concentrate on the perimeter of the store, which holds less-processed foods - fresh fruit and produce, dairy, whole grain baked goods and lean meats.

Read labels for serving size, calories, fiber and fat contents. Look for foods high in fiber and lower in calories.

Fill your cart by the food pyramid: Lots of fresh produce and whole grains, and less meat, dairy, fats and sweets.

When dining out, read the menu carefully for clues to lower-calorie choices, such as grilled, poached or steamed.

Order the smallest portion offered.

Look for healthy choices, including vegetable and grain-based choices, as dictated by the food pyramid.

Ask for substitutions: Salads or veggies for french fries, baked potato for pasta, etc.

Don't clean your plate. Ask for a doggie bag and pack up half the meal to go.

Split an order with a friend or spouse.

Remember, wine and bar drinks also have calories. Lots of them.

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