Saturday, September 27, 2003

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AIDS funding must continue


The Enquirer editorial ("Fighting AIDS in Africa: Keep promise," Sept. 18) was right on target in urging full funding for the U.S. commitment to international AIDS prevention.

Sen. Mike DeWine, a champion of previous Africa legislation, recently traveled to Africa. On returning, he urged his Senate colleagues to act quickly against AIDS, especially to stop mother-to-child transmission of the HIV virus. With Senators DeWine and George Voinovich voting yes, the Senate approved a non-binding resolution that Congress should fund the president's AIDS initiative at the full $3 billion level for next year.

However, the Senate declined to reach that $3 billion goal, refusing to add $1 billion for AIDS to the Labor/Health and Human Services funding bill. Sadly, both Ohio senators voted "no" on the key floor vote. The AIDS amendment failed. Congress can still act to keep the promises to Africa. Sen. DeWine can again show leadership on AIDS.

It's easy to vote for non-binding resolutions. The harder but more essential vote is for actual increases in funding to meet the president's bold pledge of $3 billion to fight AIDS, and $1.3 billion for the equally urgent Millennium Challenge Account.

Mary-Cabrini Durkin, Walnut Hills


Norwood residents must keep fighting

Something stinks in the city of Norwood! Oh, I know what it is. It's the smell of decaying justice and honesty coming from the Norwood city offices ["Norwood holdouts fight back," Sept. 24].

Kudos to Norwood residents Joy and Carl Gambles, and Scott G. Bullock, a senior attorney at the Washington-based public-interest law firm Institute for Justice, for having the guts to do what the city fathers of Norwood don't: Tell the developers to take a hike; we were here first.

George Combs II, Trenton, OH


'Babyface' Taft has done it this time

This is regarding the article "Concealed-carry ban upheld," [Sept. 25]. Well, at least we now know the length and breadth of political cronyism and duplicitousness in the state of Ohio.

We need to get rid of "Babyface" Taft and his flunkies next election ... even if it means electing a Democrat.

Dave Waits, Eastgate


Pilarczyk deserves our support, respect

Regarding the article "A 'wall of anger' confounds Pilarczyk," [Sept. 24], I was privileged to work for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati for seven years in the Office of Youth Ministry.

I retired three years ago. In all those years, no one in the building ever described Archbishop Pilarczyk as "warm and fuzzy." Does that make him a poor administrator? I don't think so. However, I came to believe he was intelligent and reverent with a dry wit. He is a great homilist and seems to relish his responsibility as a sacramental minister.

The Archbishop is also highly regarded by the U.S. church. He is a former president of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. He was appointed three months ago as the chairman of the Catholic Common Ground Initiative, a group dedicated to ending divisions in the U.S. church through dialogue and reconciliation. He has tried to be open with our community, as his many meetings with the Cincinnati media, written and broadcast, have shown. We sympathize with the victims and pray for their healing.

In addition, for more than a decade, he and the local church have been taking steps to guard against sexual abuse of minors. However, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is not Boston, no matter how hard the local media tries to make it so. Many of the local church are still proud to be Catholic and believe we will survive these troubling times.

Kay Schindler, Saint Bernard


Per plane charges at air show were pricey

On Sept. 14, we decided to go to the Air Show at Lunken Airport. It was $5 to park, $12 per person to get into the show, no big deal. When we got into the show, there were at least five airplanes that were charging $5 per person to go through the planes. I thought this was outrageous.

If we wanted to go through these planes, it would have been an additional $50 for two people. I can't imagine what the cost would have been for couples with children. Kind of took the joy out of the day and the air show.

Ruth Ann Voet, Alexandria

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