Monday, September 29, 2003

Morning memo

Today's number: 3

Percentage of wage and salary workers 16 and over employed full-time who work the night shift, according to the Census Bureau.

Today's career talk

In Winning Smart After Losing Big, author Rob Stearns contends that the toughest paragraph to understand in his 125-page book is, in part, this one: "Feelings do cause you to win or lose. Only actions produce victories or defeats. How you think determines how you act. But powerful feelings, instantaneously or over time, can influence how you think. You cannot trust powerful feelings to help you win . . . you must force your mind to think about how you feel."

Today's money tip

Online auctions have become a popular way for people to buy and sell antiques and collectables. But how to find out the value of an item you want to sell or bid on? And should you get an appraisal beforehand?

In addition to online auctions, there are several sites that provide advice about auctions, antique value and seeking an appraisal. If you're interested in exploring some auction action, you might want to first visit Antique Antiques, at It offers Useful tips to consider when seeking an antique appraisal.

Today's company: Sports Plus

ATHLETIC DESTINATION: This Evendale facility opened in January 1998, its 175,000 square feet equipped to accommodate active folks of all ages. It contains two NHL-size ice rinks, a mini-golf course, climbing wall, three-story jungle gym, small-scale roller coaster and Ferris wheel, a bar and grill and a skating pro shop. In May, a bungee trampoline opened.

COMING ATTRACTIONS: This fall, an indoor soccer field opens as an inline skate rink. Public skate times will be available. This winter sees the unveiling of six indoor, full-size basketball courts.

GETTING A WORKOUT: The facility is used by serious as well as recreational athletes. About 600 people participate in Sports Plus's adult hockey leagues, and many others come for public skate time. The Cincinnati Cyclones practice there and two figure skating clubs and the Cincinnati Cobras call Sports Plus home.

FROM ICE TO ICE CREAM: Sports Plus is a popular site for birthday parties.

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