Monday, September 29, 2003

Columbia Park's memory honored

About 100 people gathered Sunday in Shawnee Park to reminisce about life in a company-built town.

The place they remember was a 32-acre town, built in the 1920s by the Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. just west of North Bend.

"It was created to attract workers to the company's Miami Fort Power Plant," said Paul Murray, who lived there. "It was known as Columbia Park."

Columbia Park began to disappear in 1958 when CG&E gave the residents notice, then tore down or moved the 35 homes. It later donated the land to the county for a park.

"We come to celebrate the memory," Murray said.

He talks about days when they could leave doors unlocked and windows open.

"It is a beautiful memory we cling to," he said.

Youth services appointee

Sharon (Sherrie) Mathis of Anderson Township has been appointed to the Lighthouse Youth Services Board of Trustees.

Mathis has a long track record of working with youth, including launching the Mathis Foundation in 1996, and founding Mathis Care Inc., a therapeutic foster care program.

"I am excited about being on this board because this is a very workable organization for children," Mathis said. "I have devoted most of my professional life to serving the needs of children."

"Sherrie brings a wealth of experience to the Lighthouse Board and Foundation," said Bob Mecum, executive director of Lighthouse Youth Services.

She is married to Michael Mathis, a retired National Basketball Association referee. They have four children.

Tyler's Run

Dave and Jane Frey, who lost their grandson, Tyler Frey, in 1997 when he was just 67 days old, want parents to know more about sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

They are sponsoring Tyler's Run at 9 a.m.7 Oct 11 in Miami Whitewater Park to raise money for the Back to Sleep Program.

"This program teaches parents about no smoking and no blankets wrapped around babies," Jane Frey said.

For information, call 385-4772.


Scholarship awarded

Rachel Loftspring, a senior with a double major in international studies and Spanish at Emory University, Atlanta, received the 2003 FMS-Bettie Tipton Lindsey Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation Scholarship. The award is based on academic achievement, participation in Kappa Alpha Theta activities and community involvement.

Loftspring is a graduate of Sycamore High School.

Urban planning degree

Brian Carovillano has graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor's degree in urban planning. His Design, Art, Architecture and Planning works presentation won the Studioworks III Director's Choice Award.

He is the son of Peggy Carovillano of North College Hill and Michael Carovillano of Delhi Township.

To submit: call 755-4165.


Leadership forum

Sarah Rothenbusch,17, will be among 350 high school juniors and seniors who will participate in the National Youth Leadership Forum on Law Oct. 21-26 in Washington, D.C.

The Oak Hills High School junior was selected on academic achievement and an interest in law and justice.

The forum curriculum is based on actual events that happen in the court system, said Donna Snyder, executive of the forum.

"Each day, our legal system plays a vital role in the way our country is run," she said.

Sarah will gain a more thorough understanding of how laws work, what goes into legal prosecution or defense and the vast array of opportunities in the profession.

Sarah is the daughter of Gary and Mary Rothenbusch of Delhi Township.

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