Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Point is made

Rape victim: Out of jail

Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Patrick Dinkelacker did the right thing Tuesday, when he released the rape victim he had sent to jail on a contempt charge.

The judge locked the woman up because she had failed to show up for the trial of the man accused of attacking her. The woman claimed she was terrified and had been threatened by people in the English Woods neighborhood where the attack occurred.

Dinkelacker, exasperated at having to dismiss charges against the accused attacker, ordered the woman locked up for 10 days last Saturday. That was the wrong thing to do. We sympathize with the judge's frustration, but the woman deserved support and protection, not jail.

He released the woman Tuesday, after she agreed to testify. Whether that testimony now has any value will be another matter for the judge to decide.

The judge said he did what he did to make a point - that everyone, even a victim, has a responsibility to the system. Point taken. It's just too bad he felt he had to drive it home at the expense of a terrorized victim.

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Point is made
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