Sunday, October 5, 2003

Hot corner: Nipping at the heels of the newsmakers

John Schlagetter and John Connelly are bright, hardworking candidates for seats on Cincinnati City Council. But the two challengers seem to have very different ideas about the parameters of the job.

Charterite Schlagetter figures he will be so busy if he gets elected that he plans to give up being an architect and teaching at the College of Mount St. Joseph to devote his full attention to duties at City Hall.

"I think it's ridiculous to think that a job that pays $57,000 a year should be considered part-time by anybody," he said.

Republican Connelly, on the other hand, said his advice to members of council is: "Don't quit your day jobs." He thinks council salaries are too high and that council members too often try to do things that should be left to the mayor and city manager. If elected, he said he won't take a salary during his first term.

If these two get elected, some wag will probably dub them "All Work" and "No Pay."

Trail mix: Notes and quotes from the political campaigns

• Figuratively speaking, of course: "He is literally in bed with pharmaceutical companies." - presidential hopeful Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., criticizing President Bush.

• Beam him up, Scotty: "I still believe in e=mc2, but I can't believe that in all of human history, we'll never ever be able to go beyond the speed of light to reach where we want to go. I happen to believe that mankind can do it." - former Gen. Wesley Clark, Democratic presidential hopeful, during a New Hampshire campaign speech.

• The Only Poll That Matters Dept.: "We're waiting for the day that pols can just cut out the middleman and settle all elections in court." - a commentary in the National Journal, noting the recent federal court contest over the California recall election and news that the results of Tuesday's election are likely to be contested no matter who wins

• Idealism lives: "Young people have always been about civil rights. That's not something unique to this generation. We're still young enough that we haven't stopped believing that the world should be fair." - Cincinnati City Council candidate Nick Spencer, 25, explaining why he supports repeal of Cincinnati's Article XII, which many see as being anti-gay

• Oops: "We have a woman working at the front desk of City Hall who's not exactly a black belt in karate." - Vice Mayor Alicia Reece, defending new security measures at City Hall, apparently unaware that receptionist Debra Vitt does have a black belt in karate.

• Or maybe a time-out: "If they're doing something that doesn't agree with you, stop giving them the candy." - Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Dennis White, telling a campaign rally crowd in Cincinnati to "treat your elected officials like children."


Behind the 8-ball

"I believe if you wanna whack somebody, you whack them directly. Rarely do three-cornered bank shots work effectively. There's too many pieces that can go wrong."

An unnamed political crisis-management expert telling the Washington Post it doesn't make sense to believe the White House sought to discredit former ambassador Joseph Wilson by "outing" his wife as a CIA agent

Nostradamus he's not

"I'd say the chances are about 50-50 that humanity will be extinct or nearly extinct within 50 years."

CNN founder Ted Turner, who said 20 years ago that newspapers would be defunct within 10 years

Fire insurance

"If you get baptized at my age, all of your sins are forgiven. And that's very helpful."

Conservative jurist Robert Bork, 76, a former U.S. Supreme Court nominee and "generic Protestant," on being baptized in the Catholic Church recently

The voice of really bad experience

"Judgment comes from experience and great judgment comes from bad experience."

Former Sen. Robert Packwood, R-Ore., who resigned in 1995 after a sexual harassment scandal

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Hot corner: Nipping at the heels of the newsmakers

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