Monday, October 6, 2003

Morning memo

Today's number: 48.9%

Job satisfaction among employed U.S. workers, the lowest since the Conference Board's Consumer Research Center started its survey of workers in 1995.

Today's career talk

Be certain that your business associates, employees or team members get recognition when jobs are completed and well done, says Susan Wilson Solovic in the book The Girls' Guide to Power and Success. "When you are quick to sincerely praise the good work of others and allow them to bask in the limelight, they will readily do the same for you," she says. "You won't have to say a thing about yourself because your associates will enthusiastically carry your banner."

Today's money tip

Life insurance commercials are a fixture on television. But the best insurance plan and cost information actually may be found on the World Wide Web.

The Web has become a useful tool for life insurance comparison-shopping and learning about the differences between different types of insurance. If you'd like to look into purchasing life insurance or just get the facts about what a plan entails, check out It features a life insurance coverage calculator that matches your needs with comparative term life data.

Today's company: Hyde Park Wine & Spirits

BOTTLED BEVERAGES: Mike Hays bought this store in the late 1990s and has since expanded its selection of wines and beers. He also sells related items such as wine glasses and beer glasses. Hyde Park Wine & Spirits is also a state liquor store. Customers come from as far away as northern Butler County, although most are from eastern Hamilton County.

POPULAR VARIETIES: Chardonnay is a big seller in the summer, while Cabernets and Merlots are hot in the winter. The store stocks microbrews and imported beers and will accommodate special orders.

COAXING THE CORK: Corkscrews range in price from 99 cents to $80 for the "Rabbit," a squeeze-and-pull mechanical marvel that pops the cork right out.

SATURDAY SAMPLER: Hyde Park Wine & Spirits hosts a wine tasting every Saturday from 2-5 p.m. at its store at Hyde Park Center. There is a nominal charge.

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