Saturday, October 11, 2003

Ohio Moments

President's son became lawyer and educator

On Oct. 11, 1863, Harry Augustus Garfield was born to Lucretia and Gen. James A. Garfield - who was serving with the Union Army in the Civil War - in Hiram, Ohio.

By the time Harry was in his last year of high school, his father was president of the United States. Harry was with President Garfield when he was shot at a Washington train station in July 1881.

Harry entered Williams College in Williamstown, Mass., just days before his father died of his wounds in September. He went on to study law at Columbia Law School; All Soul's College in Oxford, England; and the Inns Court in London.

In 1908 Harry became president of Williams College. During World War I, President Woodrow Wilson named him administrator of the United States Fuel Administration. He died in 1942 at age 79.

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