Sunday, October 12, 2003

Who are your favorite columnists?

We're looking for feedback from our readers on the syndicated columnists who appear on our pages. Below is a list of the columnists we use; some appear more often than others, but all have been published within the last few weeks.

Please tell us who your favorites - and least favorites - are, and why. And if there is a syndicated columnist we don't run but you'd like to see on our pages, please let us know who it is - and why you think that columnist should appear in the Enquirer.

Send your comments to: Columnist Survey, Enquirer Editorial Page, 312 Elm St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, fax (513) 768-8610, e-mail letters@enquirer.com.

Our columnists:

William Safire
Kathleen Parker
Charles Krauthammer
Armstrong Williams
Walter Williams
Jonah Goldberg
Phil Terzian
Stanley Crouch
Zev Chafets
Jeff Jacoby
Rowland Nethaway
James J. Kilpatrick
Leonard Pitts Jr.
Richard Cohen
Thomas L. Friedman
Nicholas D. Kristof
Lenore Skenazy
Tom Teepen
Linda P. Campbell
J. R. Labbe
Bob Young
E.R. Shipp
O. Ricardo Pimental
Maureen Dowd
Bob Herbert
Derrick Z. Jackson
Deborah Mathis
DeWayne Wickham
Norman A. Lockman
Trudy Rubin
Carl P. Leubsdorf
Paul Krugman
Joel Mowbray

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