Sunday, October 12, 2003

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Pols should not get free parking

I'm a teenager who finds it remarkable that two elected officials from West Chester think there is nothing wrong with taking things for free when others have to pay. In reference to "Storagegate" ("Officials take flak over boat storage," Oct. 8. Trustee Dave Tacosik and Administrator Dave Gully feel the heat they've taken for storing their boats and an RV for free on public property is ridiculous, not worthy of comment and that the "community should focus on real public issues."

Well, guys, here's a civics/economics lesson from a high school student:

There are businesses in the community that provide storage services for a fee.

These businesses provide tax dollars for our community. Tax dollars that you as a trustee and an administrator oversee.

If the community businesses have less revenue then that means less tax dollars for our community and our schools. And that is a very real public issue.

Sure it wasn't probably a whole lot of money we were talking about, but neither are the few songs we teens wanted to download for free and they're prosecuting kids for doing that. What's the lesson you want us future voters to learn?

Julie Boak, Liberty Township


Cagnetti needed more research

After reading Linda Cagnetti's "Slick Ads, Vulnerable Teens" [Oct. 10] I noticed that some information needed clarification. For example, the soundtrack for Strangeland was mentioned for its depiction of a girl with a stitched mouth.

If more research were done, it would have been seen that Strangeland is a movie about a deranged psychopath that carries out bizarre piercing rituals and kidnaps teenage girls. The picture has nothing to do with subliminal advertising. That is the same as saying the Trauth Dairy cows are discriminating against the Lactose Intolerant.

Also, she mentioned a cigarette ad with a teen saying she would if she couldn't have a real man, she would rather have a real smoke. I would like to see where she found this ad, since cigarette ads are nonexistent in teenage magazines and any ad featuring a smoking teen would be suicide for any magazine or ad agency.

I understand the point that was trying to be made, but I think the opinions weren't backed very well.

Nick Unthank, Colerain


Civilian radicals run Iraq war

In response to "National Guard units are prepared to serve," [Oct. 6], I agree with the writer when he states you should now what you are enlisting for when you join the National Guard.

Years ago, I did just that. Wars occur and there is an obligation to serve if called to duty. There may not be a basis for accusing this administration of "bait and switch," as the writer of "Changing rules on the National Guard" [Sept. 19] did. However, there is an obligation on the part of this administration or any administration not to take the National Guard and Reserves or the Army into a pre-emptive strike war that have been ill-conceived and mismanaged by a group of civilian radicals with a personal agenda within the administration.

Who would have thought that these same civilian radicals would try to run this war on the cheap by using the National Guard and paying for it with the sale of Iraqi oil. No wonder the writer thinks this is bait and switch. This war has cost lives and resources this country cannot afford to lose. People should expect that this administration will conduct the nation's business responsibly and leave its politics, secretiveness and personal agendas out.

Harold E. Schultz, Springfield Township


Covington's Aborgast had good character

I am a Covington Latin graduate from the class of 1971. I read with disbelief the articles on Paul Arborgast in the Cincinnati Enquirer. In my four years at Latin School, I never once witnessed any act of misconduct on Paul's part. He was a true professional and treated every student with utmost respect.

While he demanded and expected nothing short of the best from every student, it was his concern and professional manner that earned him the love and respect from the Covington Latin Students. The allegations against Paul are ludicrous. To even mention Paul's name in the same sentence with the words "sexual misconduct" is inconceivable. It is a sad day when one disguised individual can ruin a man who during his career at Latin School demonstrated nothing but impeccable character.

Stephen M. Seiter, Mason


Segregation ended a long time ago

As I was reading Maggie Downs' column (Oct 10) titled "Newcomers latest idea for fun: Black Movie Lounge," I couldn't help but to think of what a good idea Billye Hill had. Dining, dancing and a movie all in one spot. Sounds fun to me. Oh, wait. I'm not black. Nevermind.

Maybe I should start a White Movie Lounge. Isn't that a grand idea? White people need a fun place to hang out, too. We could watch eurocentric movies and listen to some good old white music. Just as Billye Hill claims the Black Movie Lounge attracts, "all types of people," I will make it my goal to promote diversity in the White Movie Lounge.

Last time I checked segregation is over.

Sarah Sonon, Anderson Township

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