Sunday, October 12, 2003

Getting there

Park and Ride Bus Shuttles

General Electric in Evendale (operated by Metro):
5:30 a.m. to midnight daily.

From I-75 North: take exit #13, (follow Neumann Way to General Electric Gate #10).

From I-75 South: take Exit #14, (follow Neumann Way, turn right at General Electric Sign to Gate #27).

$5 roundtrip; $3 roundtrip per child

Turfway Park in Erlanger (operated by TANK):
5 a.m. to midnight daily.

From I-75, take Exit #182, follow the signs to Turfway Park Race Track.

$5 roundtrip; $3 roundtrip per child

Coney Island (operated by Metro):
5:30 a.m. to midnight Saturday and Sunday only.

Take the Kellogg Avenue exit off of I-275, enter at Gate #1 or #2.

$5 roundtrip; $3 roundtrip per child

Drop off: All Park and Ride buses will drop off at the Transit Center under Second Street between Elm and Main streets, downtown. It is a 2-5 block walk from the Transit Center to Tall Stacks, depending on your drop off point in the Transit Center.

Other shuttles

Southbank Shuttle: TANK will extend hours and expand service for the Southbank Shuttle, which operates between Newport, Cincinnati and Covington. Check the TANK Web site for more information and a detailed route map,

$1 per trip

Metro Downtown Shuttle: Metro will offer a shuttle between Tall Stacks and downtown parking lots. For a list of downtown parking, go to and click on "Getting There."

50 cents per trip


Downtown Cincinnati:
There are approximately 30,000 parking spaces in downtown Cincinnati. Parking will be a tight on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday because of downtown workers. Downtown parking will be more available on Saturday and Sunday. For a list, go to and click on "Getting There."

Parking in Newport:
Parking is available at Newport on the Levee and lots throughout downtown Newport. For a map, go In Newport, visit the Tall Stacks site at Taylor Park and below the Levee.

To get to Cincinnati from Newport, take the River Taxi located below the Levee or walk across the Purple People Bridge. River taxi: $5 round trip.

Parking in Covington:
Several garages and lots in Covington are close to Tall Stacks. They include the Kenton County Parking Garage, the RiverCenter Garage and the Marriott Garage. For a map of the Covington Riverfront, go to

To get to Newport, take the Licking River Taxi to Taylor Park. It leaves below Riverside Drive and costs $5 round trip. You may also take TANK's Southbank Shuttle from Covington to Newport and/or Cincinnati. $1 per trip.

Accommodations for the mobility impaired

Many, but not all, Park and Ride buses are accessible.

Tall Stacks will provide transportation from the Second Street Transit Center entrance at the top of Second Street to the site for patrons with mobility impairments. Space is limited; therefore, each patron may be limited to one companion during peak hours of operation.

TANK's RAMP service and METRO'S Access service are also available. For more information, go to or

A limited number of handicap parking spaces will be available at parking lots surrounding the event site and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Drop-off locations for those with disabilities:
Patrons with disabilities can be dropped off at the Butler Street "turn around" off Pete Rose Way (next to the Montgomery Inn Conference Center).