Sunday, October 12, 2003

A Tall Stacks trivia test

How much do you really know about steamboats, river history and Tall Stacks? Here's a chance to find out. (Hint: If you have been paying attention to the "Stacks Facts" running on the Tempo cover for the past month, this test will be a cinch.)

1. Who invented the steamboat?
A. Leonardo daVinci
B. Robert Fulton
C. Thomas Alva Edison
D. James Watt

2. Of the 17 boats in the 2003 Tall Stacks, which of the following has been in every Tall Stacks?
A. Delta Queen
B. Island Queen
C. River Queen
D. All of them

3. In antebellum times, slaves called the Ohio River by a code name. What was it?
A. Tigris
B. Euphrates
C. Jordan
D. Styx

4. The steamboat race between the Delta Queen and the Belle of Louisville is a longstanding river tradition. What is the top speed of our hometown hero, the Delta Queen?
A. 55 mph
B. 8 mph
C. 14 mph
D. 10 mph

5. Who was mayor of Cincinnati for the first Tall Stacks?
A. Theodore Berry
B. Jerry Springer
C. Roxanne Qualls
D. Charlie Luken

6. To which late, great musician is the music at the 2003 Tall Stacks dedicated?
A. Stephen Foster
B. Kurt Cobain
C. John Hartford
D. Johnny Cash

7. Which Tall Stacks boat is the biggest?
A. Belle of Louisville
B. Delta Queen
C. Island Queen
D. Mississippi Queen

8. Which Tall Stacks boat is the smallest?
A. Chattanooga Star
B. Anson Northrup
C. Colonel
D. Li'l Steamy

9. Name the only Tall Stacks steamboat to pass through the Panama Canal.
A. Mississippi Queen
B. Delta Queen
C. African Queen
D. Delta Burke

10. Which Tall Stacks boat is the oldest?
A. Mississippi Queen
B. Jurassic Queen
C. Belle of Louisville
D. Creole Queen

11. The Delta Queen was built in 1926 for $1 million. How much did it sell for at auction in 1946?
A. $10 million
B. $500,000
C. $46,250
D. A "buy it now" price of $100,000

12. Which boat is new to Tall Stacks this year?
A. Anson Northrup
B. Colonel
C. General Jackson
D. Harriet Bishop

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1. B. Robert Fulton launched the first successful steamboat, the Clermont, in 1807.

2. D. All of them. The Belle of Louisville and Spirit of Cincinnati have also been in every Tall Stacks.

3. C. As the dividing line between the slave and free states, the Ohio was called "the River Jordan," gateway to the Promised Land.

4. D. The Delta Queen has a top speed of 10 mph, but when not racing, averages just 6 mph on the river.

5. D. In 1988, Charlie Luken was mayor of Cincinnati for the first Tall Stacks.

6. C. The music of Tall Stacks is dedicated to singer/songwriter/banjo player/fiddler and riverboat pilot John Hartford.

7. D. At 382 feet, with seven decks, the Mississippi Queen is the biggest boat in Tall Stacks.

8. A. At 65 feet, the Chattanooga Star is Tall Stacks' Smallest Stack.

9. B. The Delta Queen was towed through the Panama Canal on her way to Cincinnati from California. Imagine those shipping costs.

10. C. The Belle of Louisville, built in 1914, is the oldest steamboat in Tall Stacks.

11. C. $46,250. But it wasn't that much of a bargain. It cost $750,000 to renovate. Not to mention those shipping costs.

12. C. The General Jackson, out of Nashville, is a Tall Stacks newbie for 2003. The Chattanooga Star is also new to the event.