Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Local Lit

Offerings from local authors

German Heritage

Subtitled Guide to the Greater Cincinnati Area. By Don Heinrich Tolzmann (Little Miami Publishing; $15.95). Scholar, author and professor Tolzmann is known for his meticulous research and it shows in Heritage. Organized into seven areas - Timeline, Highlights, Who's Who, Sites in Over-the-Rhine, Sites in Covington, Museums and Libraries and German Halls - it's a slim volume packed with tons of information about people, places and businesses. And even though he's a scholar, Tolzmann adopts a chatty, informal style for the book. Oh, and it has an index and bibliography. Check it out at www.littlemiamibooks.com

For Pete's Sake

Subtitled A Collection of Cincinnati Enquirer Columnist Peter Bronson's Greatest Hits. By Peter Bronson (Chilidog Press; $17.95). Some people read him and nod their heads yes. Others read him and go right through the roof, screaming every inch of the way. That's because Bronson is opinionated, outspoken and, sometimes, pretty shrill in pushing his views, especially on political topics. Not all of Pete's Sake is politics, though. Of the 70 or so columns, less than half are hardcore political views. Others are about life's little moments and life in Cincinnati in general. Visit him at www.peterbronson.com.

The Way it Was

Subtitled Nostalgic Tales of Hot Rods and Romance. By Chuck Klein (BeachHouse Press; $14.95). It's just what the title says: Nostalgia. Set mostly in the '50s, it's 19 stories (40 illustrations) about love affairs with cars. Like, say, "a '34 roadster that I had stuffed a Caddy engine into. It had a dropped front axle, chopped windshield and sported three-deuces on the engine." Klein, a private investigator and author of several books, knows about cars and expects the reader to know as much. So if you don't know what a "dropped front axle" is, be prepared to do some research.

He'll sign the book Nov. 22, Barnes & Noble, Kenwood. You can find him at www.chuckkleinauthor.com.

Haunted Ohio V

Subtitled 200 Years of Ghosts. By Chris Woodyard (Kestrel Publications; $12.95). Whoever would have thought Ohio had enough ghosts to fill five volumes? But it does, says Woodyard, who spends half her year visiting sites to sniff out ghosts and the other half writing about them.

More than 50 sites are featured including two in Hamilton County, two in Warren County, one in Clermont County and two in Dayton. The book also includes a list of which sites are open to the public. Two particularly juicy hauntings: Mason's Chokolate Morel restaurant and Cincinnati's 20th Century theater. Check out the book at www.invink.com.

- Jim Knippenberg

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