Saturday, October 18, 2003

Stock Market Game

Team Bradburt knows the value of diversity, buying stock in 10 different companies in the first week of the Stock Market Game.

But it was mostly just one stock that catapulted the Madeira High School students to the top spot in the investment simulation game - XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. (XMSR).

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Stock in the company, which offers subscription radio service, has leapt more than 29 percent from the day Jennifer Jordan's students bought it at $15.71 to Thursday's close at $20.31.

Most of Bradburts' other investments have also modestly gained, but not quite enough to make up for the almost $7,000 in commissions that the team's broad diversity cost.

Bradburt took the second lead in the 10-week game from Dan's Team, which fell from first in week one to third this week after it sold its shares of TiVo Inc. (TIVO) for a $3,660 loss.

High school and middle school students on almost 500 teams across Greater Cincinnati are competing in the Stock Market Game to see who can turn a pretend $100,000 into the the biggest virtual investments in real companies traded on Wall Street.

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