Saturday, October 18, 2003

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Wright House highlighted: The Amberley Village home built by Frank Lloyd Wright is one of 10 by the famous architect chosen for Frank Lloyd Wright: Elegant Homes (ADA EDITA Tokyo Co. Ltd; $45) by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer and Yukio Futagawe.

"The focus of the book is 10 houses from Wright's latter years" and deals with the importance of maintenance and furnishing, says Beverly Tonkens-Van Grov, owner of the home. "I really feel good about it. The house is beautiful."

Though Tonkens-Van Grov has made minor changes in fabrication through the years, she's been careful to maintain the home's originality, consulting with Wright experts and his grandson, who worked on the house. She's paid such attention to detail that when Wright's widow visited years ago, she remarked that she felt her husband's presence.

At the same time, "I do want me in the house; it's not a museum," Tonkens-Van Grov says. The house was built in 1954-55 by the late Gerald Tonkens.

Information: www.taliesan

More "Antiques Roadshow" furniture: Southern Furniture Co. has crafted an agreement to corner the upholstery line based on the popular TV show Antiques Roadshow, in which experts travel the country evaluating furniture, antiques, jewelry and collectibles. The first of several Southern Furniture collections debuts at the International Home Furnishings Market, which opened Wednesday in High Point, N.C.

Pulaski Furniture took the spotlight during the spring show, introducing casegoods based on the TV show.

Wise buys

Disposable toilet brush: It was inevitable with the wave of disposable cleaning products that the bathroom would be next. Scrub 'n Flush by TxF Products is a plastic toilet brush handle that snaps on a throw-away "brush" head for no-touch toilet bowl cleaning. The head, which comes in tiny sealed foil-top packs, looks like a mini-floor mop with flat strips of cleaner-soaked biodegradable material. The non-toxic, non-corrosive cleaner won't harm toilets and is safe to flush, even in septic systems, according to TxF.

We found it does a good job cleaning and deodorizing, but for tough stains you may need to don the rubber gloves and keep the hard bristles handy. And you still need to swab the outside and area around the bowl. The best part is that you don't have to touch the "brush" (it detaches by pushing a lever on the handle) or store an icky, wet brush and its accompanying bacteria. Each head can handle two to three toilet bowls. The $5.99 starter pack with handle and hanger has four heads, and the refill kits of eight "brush" heads is $2.99. At Wal-Marts, groceries and wherever toilet brushes are sold. Information:

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