Sunday, October 19, 2003

Tall Stacks Notebook

Pick a boat, any boat, to break tie

There's nothing like a little controversy to liven up the races.

Three Tall Stacks boats ended up in a dead heat during Saturday's Riverboat Races. The judges couldn't decide a winner among the Island Queen, whose port is Memphis, the Anson Northrup of Minneapolis and the Spirit of Cincinnati. Saturday night, WLWT-TV (Channel 5) replayed the finish on its evening newscast and asked viewers to break the tie.

Tall Stacks officials agreed to let the people decide and planned on announcing the winner today.

The three-way tie occurred in the second heat of the day. The first heat was won by the River Queen, whose port is Covington, and the third by the P.A. Denny of Charleston, W. Va.

Brisk business for capturing memories

Left your camera at home? Ran out of film? Forgot to replace your camera's stale batteries?

Kroger to the rescue.

At the grocer's Tall Stacks booth near the Purple People Bridge, Kroger did brisk business.

"Wednesday morning we had a run on our batteries early," said Doug Horsley, photo lab manager at the Kroger in Bellevue. "Seems that people took out their cameras for the first time in a long while and their batteries were weak."

The Kroger booth also peddled disposable cameras, rolls of film and souvenir photos, which for $7 lets you take a digital image and give it a commemorative Tall Stacks border.

Burgoo stew meets pad thai

A riverboat passenger docking in Cincinnati during the 1800s would have found a slightly different menu at the local riverfront tavern than the Tall Stacks 2003 fare.

• Typical regional tavern fare, a la 1800s:

Burgoo stew, a hearty mush of fresh vegetables simmered for hours with a mix of meat like rabbit, squirrel and quail;

Fresh oysters, brought in from the Chesapeake Bay area and beyond;

Chess pie, a heavenly custard of eggs, cream, cornmeal and butter.

• Contrast that with the international flavor of Tall Stacks fare in Yeatman's Cove:

Pad Thai ($5 a bowl), at Thai Thai booth

Calamari ($6 a plate) and chocolate-covered strawberries, at Bamboo's Seafood Shack and Chowder House.

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