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Ten things to do before riverboats leave
Time is running out. Today is the fifth and final day of the Tall Stacks Music, Arts & Heritage Festival. Here are 10 things you have to do before Tall Stacks steams off until 2007.
Today's scheduleGetting there and parking
Volunteers in the heart of the action
Partiers enjoy the gloat from the boat
Tall ones liven up harbor
Tall Stacks Notebook
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'Little hero' saves neighbors
When fire broke out on the third floor of a Harrison Avenue apartment building, 11-year-old Edward Tarrance sprang into action.

Homeowners bought trouble
Ed and Robin Lumbert scrimped and saved to buy a suburban dream home. Now their house and 40 others are part of the biggest residential cleanup of lead contamination in our area.
Ryland buys back homes, pays for cleanup

Election Guide 2003
Cincinnati.com provides an early look at the Nov. 4 vote with lists of area candidates and the latest campaign news. And there's more to come, including candidate profiles - as we get closer to Election Day.

BRONSON: Cincinnati was made for riverboat life
Leaning on a ledge in the sunshine, watching the Creole Queen glide by like a frosted cake with an eggbeater outboard, you can almost, just about, nearly dream yourself back to an earlier Tom Sawyer time.

HOWARD: Good Things Happening

KORTE: Inside City Hall
The conventional wisdom in Cincinnati politics is that it makes little sense to "go negative." With 25 rivals in a field race for City Council, a candidate who gets in a fight with one of them still has 24 comers.
PULFER: School is a battlefield, and casualties are increasing
Police are looking for a 14-year-old thug on Short Vine. "She just walks up to people in the middle of the street and socks them in the eye," an officer said. Then she and her friends have a good laugh. Bullies.

Zoo levy scaled back to lessen dependency
The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is asking for less money at the ballot box next month than it's now receiving from Hamilton County property owners.

How to cast absentee ballot


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Golden Galaxy achievers stand out
Sandwiched between rigorous honors classes, soccer games and piano lessons, a cadre of teens seamlessly steps out of their world to fight AIDS, help needy kids learn gymnastics and perform myriad activities for others.

Safe disposal of chemicals is new trend
FOREST PARK - The line of cars stretched around the Winton Woods High School parking lot Saturday morning, down Kemper Road, through two stoplights and ended, finally, at Winton Road.
Regional Report
The Lawrenceburg High football player who collapsed Sept. 19 during a game after suffering a brain injury is now in good condition, an official said Saturday.
Leaders speak in Northside
NORTHSIDE - When first seeking office for Cincinnati City Council, Alicia Reece figured she had three things against her - she was young, female, and black.
Lakota fans cheer big game
OXFORD - Lakota East and Lakota West High Schools may be archrivals, but fans of the two football teams agree on at least one thing: the decision two years ago to play the game between the schools at Miami University's Yeager Stadium.
Ruling on refusing grants awaited
ANDERSON TWP. - Hamilton County officials are awaiting an opinion from the prosecutor's office telling them if it is legal for municipalities to reject funding from the county's Community Development Block Grant program.
Obituary: Randall Halfhill flew flag daily
FLORENCE - Randall W. Halfhill's life was influenced by his American pride.

Ohio Moments: Codebreaker saved lives
On Oct. 19, 2001, the U.S. Naval Computing Machine Laboratory in Dayton was designated a "Milestone in Engineering" for developing a machine during World War II that cracked the Enigma encrypting device of Nazi Germany and other enemy codes.

Police, fire pension trustees put limits on travel expenses
DAYTON, Ohio - Travel policies for Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund trustees have been changed following reports of excessive travel and spending by some of the state's pension systems.
Students, retirees share home
TOLEDO - Alvin Krueger, 86, has no complaints about the new neighbors in his retirement home. A bunch of college students, most of them young women, live right down the hall.
Hearing deficiencies found earlier now
COLUMBUS - Hearing tests for all newborns already are making a difference by getting treatment started early, according to hospitals who started the testing a year before the state requires.

Computer gives teachers student alerts
INDEPENDENCE - Imagine a classroom in which tests are graded in seconds instead of days. Where teachers instantly know how many students haven't grasped a concept. Where they can instantly go back over the lesson.

New bridge: A $750M puzzle
In a special multimedia report, The Enquirer tells why the Brent Spence Bridge is one of the most dangerous bridges in the nation, and how replacing it will be fraught with enormous problems and costs. Web readers can ride through the danger spots on WCPO video and rate the bridge's 'Fear Factor' in our online survey.
Do you drive the bridge? Rate the 'Fear Factor'
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Priests and Sexual Misconduct
Four priests in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and two priests who formerly served in the Diocese of Covington have been suspended and/or accused of sexual misconduct in a scandal that has swept across the country. Click here for an archive of Enquirer reports.

Erpenbeck Investigation
Bill Erpenbeck was one of the Tristate's biggest home builders before his company crumbled in a bank fraud scandal that affected lenders, subcontractors and home owners. Click here for links to all Enquirer reports.