Sunday, October 19, 2003

Campbell's Scoop

Fast food's forgettable foray into healthy pizza

By Polly Campbell
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Where to eat healthy pizza:

Pizza Hut introduced an alternative pizza this week called "Fit N' Delicious" ($12.99-$15.29).

Unlike some fast-food alternatives that have as much fat as the original choices, (Wendy's Chicken BLT salad has more calories than a Big Bacon Classic) these pizzas do have fewer calories and fat grams. They rack up about 25 percent less fat than a Thin N' Crispy pizza, and a typical slice has 150 calories, reports USA Today.

It's not really that hard to make a healthier pizza; You just put on less cheese and lower-fat toppings. The thing is, if you take away most of the cheese, then the sauce and the crust had better be good.

The Fit N' Delicious is built on the Hut's Thin N' Crispy crust, which is crackly, hard and tasteless. There's a little more sauce on the Fit pizza to make up for less cheese, but the sauce is nothing special. The toppings are either ham or grilled chicken, plus two or three vegetables. The grilled chicken is flavorful enough, in a processed kind of way, and the green peppers I had came in nice big slices, but the toppings aren't enough to make this a good pizza.

If you're trying to be good calorie-wise, but have a craving for pizza, here's a better idea. Go to Pomidori's in Clifton Heights or Montgomery and order a "heart healthy" pizza, which meets the American Heart Association's guidelines for a healthy heart. If you're really being good, ask for even less cheese.

These are baked in wood-fired ovens, which creates a chewy, blistered crust with flavor, and are topped with good sauce and ingredients.

The new pizzas may not be available in all Pizza Huts, but should be nationally by the end of the month.


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