Monday, October 20, 2003

Morning Memo

Hot news and tips to start your business day

Today's number: $1.2 billion - Estimated cost to insurers from an expected 458,000 claims spurred by Hurricane Isabel, which killed at least 13 people last month and damaged homes from North Carolina to New Jersey, the Insurance Services Office Inc. said.

Today's career talk: When considering a business plan or developing a reaction to a troubling new development, Jeffrey A. Krames, author of The Welch Way, says former GE chief executive Jack Welch wanted no sugar-coating. "The next time a boss or colleague says things just have to get better if we just stay the course, consider telling that person to face reality," Krames writes. "That's how Jack Welch turned an aging bureaucracy into the world's most valuable corporation."

Today's money tip: Online auctions have become a popular way for people to buy and sell antiques and collectables. But how to find out the value of an item you want to sell or bid on? And should you get an appraisal beforehand?

In addition to online auctions, there are several sites that provide advice about auctions, antique value and seeking an appraisal. If you're interested in exploring some auction action, you might want to first visit is Idiots Guides, at It provides a list of 16 considerations when buying and selling antiques.


DEALS ON WHEELS: This bicycle specialist carries several lines of bikes. Its products and services are geared to enthusiasts of all ages and all skill levels. The business has five locations: Anderson Township, Erlanger, Montgomery, West Chester and Covedale.

BIKING BENEFITS: To enhance customers' enjoyment of the sport, Montgomery Cyclery offers education and recreation. It sponsors evening rides during the warm months and provides free roadside clinics Saturday mornings to teach cyclists how to adjust brakes and fix flats.

READY RESOURCE: The company's Web site,, posts cycling tips as well as a list of area races and bike events.

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