Monday, October 20, 2003

Personal Trainer

Don't limit exercising due to age

By Dave Patania
Enquirer contributor

I am a 72-year -old female, and I would like to know if water aerobics are good exercise. If not, what kind of exercise for a women my age is good?

Water aerobics are great for people of all ages. They give a great "pump" yet at the same time put less stress on joints, muscles and connective tissue than other forms of aerobics. Any type of activity that is safe and effective, keeps you moving and that you enjoy is acceptable.

Don't limit yourself in terms of what you and your body can accomplish with regard to your age. There are 80-year-olds who compete in the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii. I ride mountain bikes with a 60-year-old who has no problem keeping up with me.

At 72, you should adjust your workouts accordingly and consult with your doctor. However, I think that far too many people 40 and over underestimate what a marvel the human body is and miss out on many rewarding activities and experiences because they think activity and passion is for the young. So whether it be water aerobics or cliff diving, check with your doctor, eat healthy, open your mind and get to work.

I am 17 years old and I weigh 150pounds. I am interested in bodybuilding and have been lifting weights three times a week for about five months. Some of my friends have been taking the supplement NO 2, and I was wondering if you would recommend that for someone like me.

NO 2 is a supplement that is supposed to increase blood flow, oxygen delivery and nutrient transport to working muscles, thus producing strength and increasing recovery ability.

Its true effects aren't so amazing that you should be taking it without first mastering the basics of bodybuilding, nutrition and supplementation. I recommend that you contact Beverly International ( or They will teach you the basics of training, nutrition and supplementation, design meal/supplementation plans that will take a beginner like yourself up to the advanced/pro level.

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