Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Tell them what they should work on

Here is your chance to prioritize the tasks facing our newly elected officials. We've come up with five issues (in no particular order) that we believe will face the Cincinnati City Council in the coming year, five more for the Cincinnati Board of Education, and five more for the new Kentucky governor.

We'd like you to arrange each set in order of importance to you. We've also included a sixth option of "other," in case you think their top priorities should be those other than what we've listed. Send your lists by noon Friday to Priorities, Cincinnati Enquirer Editorial Page, 312 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH 45202; E-mail to letters@enquirer.com; fax, 513-768-8610. Include your name, neighborhood and daytime telephone number. We will include a selection of your responses in Sunday's Forum section.

Cincinnati City Council:

• Reforming the way council is elected.

• Consideration of the repeal of Article XII.

• Key development projects - Fountain Square, The Banks, Main Street.

• Improve police/community relations.

• Revitalize neighborhood business districts outside of downtown.

• Other.

Cincinnati School Board:

• Hire a program or project manager to oversee the school rebuilding project.

• Negotiate a pay-for-performance clause in the teachers' contract.

• Carry out the plans to redesign the district's high schools.

• Improve student performance and graduation rates.

• Redefine how much local control each school in the district has in relation to the central administration.

• Other.

Kentucky Governor:

• Raise the tobacco tax.

• Expand the legal gambling.

• Reduce the size of state government.

• Complete investigation of Patton administration scandals.

• Deal with the state's budget problems.

• Other.

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Tell them what they should work on
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