Sunday, November 9, 2003

Teen charged with impersonating state patrolman near Livermore

The Associated Press

LIVERMORE - State police arrested an 18-year-old man Saturday who was carrying a handgun and had pulled over a motorist using a blue flashing light.

State police charged Richard Reisz, of Hartford, with three counts of impersonating a peace officer and wanton endangerment, and other minor charges.

Officials had received complaints of a man in state police attire pulling over motorists in Mclean and Daviess counties. He gave verbal warnings to motorists he had stopped, state police said.

Police said they observed Reisz executing a traffic stop just after midnight Saturday morning along U.S. 431 near Livermore. Reisz's 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix had a blue light on the front dash, police said.

He was jailed in the Ohio County Detention Center.

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