Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Trois Pistoles brings Canada a little closer

Sips: Beer

By Ed Westemeier
Enquirer contributor

A businessman who travels often to Canada and has seen a wider selection of imported beers available there, asked why we don't find such a selection in Greater Cincinnati.

That's a fair question, but I countered by pointing out we are an excellent market for what I consider to be Canada's premier brewery, Unibroue.

Although I've mentioned other beers in Unibroue's line, I've been remiss in ignoring Trois Pistoles ($8 per 750 ml), now regularly available in our area.

The deep copper color and light-tan head give Trois Pistoles an elegant appearance, signaling a treat in store for your palate.

Like most of the beers from this Quebec brewery, it is loosely based on a Belgian style, but you could easily miss that connection.

Those who find most Belgian beers too extraordinary for their taste can still appreciate this one. The aroma is elegantly fruity, as any good ale's should be, with just a vague hint of the Belgian spicy quality. The flavor profile begins with sweetness and gradually shows more complexity.

The beer's sweetness is not of the caramel variety you might expect, but more of a brown sugar character. The finish carries some of the qualities of a fine port.

I especially recommend Trois Pistoles as an accompaniment to a fine dinner, which will give you opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous artwork on the label.

So do Canadian beers count as imported or domestic? I can't answer that , but I'm certainly grateful we live this close to Quebec.

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