Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Best Bets: What's on TV tonight

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The West Wing, 9 p.m., Channels 5, 22.

A senior Supreme Court justice has been stricken. Now his former clerk, Joe Quincy (Matthew Perry, in a role he originated last season) must diplomatically determine if the guy is ready to step down. Meanwhile, a budget crisis nears. Complicating things, the president faces a TV interviewer who is known for bringing out emotions.

The Bachelor, 9 p.m., Channels 9, 2.

Next week, we learn which woman Bob Guiney picked and whether he proposed. One finalist is Kelly Jo (the show only gives first names), 23, a bubbly little community relations director in Kalamazoo, Mich.; the other is Estella, 27, a mortgage broker in Beverly Hills.

First, however, the show has its reunion episode. That's when the 23 rejects return.

Other shows worth watching

Secrets of the Dead: Bridge on the River Kwai, 8 p.m., Channels 48, 16. Facing unbearable heat and disease, Allied prisoners-of-war were forced by their Japanese captors to build a 260-mile railway through the Burma jungle. Later, other Allied soldiers would cripple it with bombs.

That was fictionalized in the brilliant, 1957 movie The Bridge on the River Kwai. Now engineers and former POW's study specifics of how the railway was built and how it was shut down.

My Wife and Kids, 8 p.m., Channels 9, 2. Michael and his wife prepare to run a marathon. She's serious about the training; he's not.

It's All Relative, 8:30 p.m., Channels 9, 2. There is finally something in common between Bobby's conservative parents and Liz's gay, adoptive dads: They all support the same politician, who is about to disappoint them.

A Minute With Stan Hooper, 8:30 p.m., Channels 19, 45. Stan (Norm Macdonald) searches for the person who sent him a warm letter.

Reporting America at War, 9-10:30 p.m., Channels 48, 16. Here is the second half of a documentary on wartime journalism.

Law & Order, 10 p.m., Channels 5, 22. When a body is found in the Hudson River, police learn that the dead woman had a shaky marriage. There are more complications, however, pointing to a scandal involving people at a top law firm.

Karen Sisco, 10 p.m., Channels 9, 2. Karen is tracking the guy who knocked her out. Meanwhile, her dad is following an unfaithful husband.

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Best Bets: What's on TV tonight