Saturday, November 22, 2003

Stock Market Game

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Middle school team rankings
Teams from Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy have taken over the top two spots among local teams playing the Stock Market Game - not because of any fantastic gains, but because they've managed not to lose as much.

After seven weeks of the 10-week competition, the Knock-Around Guys have locked in their profit from Altera Corp. after the semiconductor maker gained $11,000 for them. With about one-third of their portfolio in cash to stave off volatility, the Knock-Around Guys jumped from sixth to first place among local teams (and second among statewide teams).

The Miami Valley School's Darkstar team continues to hold its lead for the third week in a row, having profited almost $36,500 from its key holding of Carrier Holding Corp. Gains from the telecom-equipment maker have more than offset the losses incurred on a dozen other investments.

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Stock Market Game
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