Saturday, November 22, 2003

Thumbs up: Happy ending

Lucy comes home

Last week we gave a "thumbs down" to the dastardly folks who found the Dishon family's lost dog and then mailed the rightful owners $100 and kept the pooch.

This week we are pleased to note that even the coldest hearts can thaw. Whether it was the national headlines, the power of our biting editorial or a pang of guilt we may never know, but the finders decided not to be keepers. Lucy, the Chihuahua-poodle mix, was returned to the Dishons in Mason, just in time to help celebrate Regan Dishon's ninth birthday.

Somebody dropped Lucy off at a local vet over the weekend, saying they thought it was the dog everyone was looking for, according to, Regan's mother, Alisa Dishon.

Lucy was just a puppy when she somehow escaped through the electronic fence surrounding the Dishon yard on Sept. 10. The family posted fliers, checked the animal shelters and asked everyone in the neighborhood if they had seen Lucy. They had just about given up hope when they received an anonymous letter with the $100 last week. The finders said they were taking care of the dog, but didn't want to give her back because they had recently suffered a death in the family and could not bear another loss.

As Mrs. Dishon noted, it was impossible to put a price on the loss her children felt when Lucy didn't come home. The finders' loss was to be sympathized with, but their lack of conscience was to be pitied more. We are glad they realized their mistake and went to the trouble to correct it.

A pet can be a great comfort to a family. We suggest the finders go down to their local animal shelter. They will find plenty of other dogs in need of good homes.

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