Tuesday, November 25, 2003

New shops could open in Hebron

Grocery store planned; more stores likely in future

By Brenna R. Kelly
The Cincinnati Enquirer

HEBRON - While making dinner in her Deer Creek home, Karen Kleisinger often finds herself running to a neighbor's house for a forgotten ingredient.

"I don't know how many times I am in the middle of fixing dinner and realize I am out of this or that," said the mother of three.

She runs next door because running to the grocery store is out of the question. The grocery store is 15 minutes away.

"I've never lived where a grocery store is more than five minutes away," said Kleisinger, who moved to the Hebron neighborhood in March.

More and more people are moving into Hebron thanks to 10 subdivisions under construction in the area. Three years ago, there were 3,436 homes in Hebron and 10,066 people living in the area, according to the 2000 U.S. Census. Though the area has thousands of residents, it doesn't have a large grocery store, a drug store or a video rental store

But two families who live in the area plan to change that.

Flick's Foods, owned by five Flick siblings, two of whom live near Hebron, is planning to build a 3,500-square-foot grocery store at Ky. 237 and Tanner Road. The complex will also have room for two restaurants and a liquor store.

Across the street, developer Bill Toebben, is planning a 20-acre complex with "neighborhood retail" and homes.

Toebben, who has lived in Hebron just more than a year, said he proposed the development after seeing the need for shopping.

"We are lacking all the basic amenities," Toebben said. "It's a great area to live in, good schools, nice homes, but shopping-wise there's not a lot there."

Though he doesn't have any tenants yet, Toebben said he would like to have a drug store, video rental and a dry cleaner.

In addition to the commercial development, there would be town homes, condos and patio homes. Last week, the Boone County Planning Commission approved a change in zoning for the property. The change must still be approved by Boone County Fiscal Court.

A large sign promising a new Flick's Foods grocery store has been at Ky. 237 and Tanner Road for years, leading some residents to believe it was never going to be built.

But Dave Flick, one of the owners, says construction is set to begin next March and should be finished by November.

The Flick, family, longtime grocers in Boone County, have been planning the Hebron store for seven years, Flick said.

"We found out that a lot of people were getting on 275 and going elsewhere," he said, "or they had to go down (Ky.) 237 to (Ky.) 18" where there is a Flick's and a Kroger.

There is also a small, convenience-type Flick's in Hebron on Ky. 20. That area also has a gym, dry cleaner and other small stores.

The new Flick's store will have an outdoor courtyard for dining. Because most residents in the area are two-income families who are pressed for time, the store will feature more prepared foods and produce, Flick said.

Hebron subdivisions along Ky. 237 from Interstate 275 to Ky. 8

Cardinal Cove 62 (built) 76 (approved)

Parlor Grove 208 238

Treetops 316 423

Thornwilde 332 1037

Wyndemere 90 111

Deer Creek 235 254

Rivershore Farms 66 126

Northpointe 11 1,464

Taylor Ridge 8 10

Conway Hills 23 23

Source: Boone County Planning Commission

As of June 30


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