Sunday, November 30, 2003

Integrated but still independent

Lauren Abel says that she functions "almost like a matchmaker" in finding the right mix of associates for a project. The match must take into account the specialties needed, the associates' particular experience, the personalities of the parties involved, and the client's budget.

Here's one example: A PR client of Abel Associates asked for some marketing support. After discussing the client's objectives, Abel chose Tischbein Design of Covington and Florence-based Internet solutions firm ISOC.

"They both have experience in this client's industry and I knew the client would like their personalities and creative styles and vice versa," Abel said.

The team consulted with the client, who wanted both print and Web marketing components. When the scope of work was outlined and approved, Abel put together the budget and identified other associates needed to complete the project. Team members communicated with each other and with the client by phone and e-mail, meeting in person when necessary.

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