Sunday, November 30, 2003

FYI to our readers

You tell us

The pages of The Enquirer's editorial section are where you get to talk.

The news pages tell you things - about politics, sports, business, your community - the unlimited assortment of that stuff we call news. On the Editorial and Opinions pages you tell us things - now more than ever.

Our editorials will still provide opinions and guidance - praising what's good in our community and calling attention to what needs to be fixed. But with the new design that begins today, we are opening up these pages to you. We want your thoughts, your suggestions, your opinions. You don't have to agree with us to have your voice heard here. As the title of this page suggests, we provide a forum. It is here that issues affecting our community and the world can be discussed, debated and, over time, perhaps resolved. We will use these pages to air these debates in many ways:

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(Enquirer infographic)
• Letters - We've moved them to the Editorial page so that what you say will be right there next to what we say.

• Your Voice - A new daily commentary from a member of the community. The face you see here could be your neighbor, your boss, your spouse - it could even be you.

• Pros and Cons - When there's a controversy in the community we'll find a way to present both sides of the argument. Don't be surprised if we call on you to argue a point.

• A rotating feature on the Opinions Page will let you demand an answer, tell us about something that has improved the community, voice your opinion on a topical issue, and see what others are saying.

• Opinion makers - We'll give voice to plenty of pundits and politicians, and we'll give you the chance to respond to them. William Safire, Walter Williams, Richard Cohen, Kathleen Parker, Leonard Pitts and James Kilpatrick regularly appear on the Opinions page and inside the Sunday Forum, supplemented by a wide range of other commentators, staff writers and guest columnists.

• Jim Borgman - Our Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist, who grew up in Cincinnati, knows just where to jab his wit. He'll leave you rubbing the sore spot and remembering his point.

• Fair exchange - From time to time we will invite some of you to come in and talk to us, and we will be happy to come and talk to you about the decisions we make and the opinions we present.

The news affects each one of us. Once you have read what's going on, it is time to let the rest of us know what you think.


David Wells is editor of the Enquirer editorial page. Contact him at (513) 768-8310; fax: (513) 768-8610; e-mail: dwells@enquirer.com. Cincinnati.Com keyword: Wells.

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