Sunday, November 30, 2003

Do you wanna dance? Here's how

Move along with cast of 'Hairspray' by following these quick instructions

Why did they spray their hair in the '60s? So those big 'dos would stay in place during some crazy dance moves.

Dance along with Hairspray with some quick instruction:

The Madison - The key word here is quickly. Step forward on your left foot, tap the right toe behind the left foot and clap. Step back on right foot, tap left toe to right, then to the left, then to the right. Twist your arms opposite to hips on the toe taps. Repeat six times. Get someone to yell, "Hit it!"

The Locomotion - Slide, touch, slide, touch, slide, touch, slide, touch. Lock steps for eight counts. Walk forward with a kick, walk back with a stomp. Hop forward, hop back, hop forward, hop back, hop forward, hop back with a one-quarter right turn. Got it? Begin again.

The Shake - Stand with one foot firmly in front of the other, stretch your arms out and swing from side to side while nodding your head. Shake your upper body from the hips, occasionally jumping to one side or the other.

The Bug - Stomp right forward, stomp left forward. Heel, hook, heel, together. Heel split, hitch left. Charleston kicks. Left step forward, kick right, right together, stomp left. Point, sway, step, sway. Vine left with one-quarter counter-clockwise turn, hitch right knee. Walk back, stomp right two times. Keep going!

The Ska - "Milk a cow" with your hands from a crouched position, swaying from the hips. Keep the rhythm, moving slowly up and down, occasionally lifting one foot up high.

The Stricken Chicken - Don't wait for Oktoberfest. Bend your arms so that both elbows stick out at a 90-degree angle. Flap your arms like wings while squeezing your knees together and strutting around. It only sounds silly, it looks cool.

Peyton Place After Midnight - Extend your left arm in front of your body as if you're holding reins. Wave your right arm in a circular motion above your head while galloping in place for two counts. Bend slightly at the waist and stick out your rear. Make the circular arm motion by your knees while continuing to gallop in place for two counts.

Jackie Demaline

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