Monday, December 1, 2003

RV owners circle wagons

New rules loom on city parking

By John Kiesewetter
The Cincinnati Enquirer

FAIRFIELD - When Greg Emenaker heard that City Council was considering restrictions on parking campers, recreational vehicles and boats, he distributed 100 homemade fliers about the proposed changes.

"If I want to put a trailer in my driveway for a few weeks, what's the big deal?" says Emenaker, who owns a 30-foot travel trailer he stores near Oxford.

Dozens of RV and trailer owners have contacted city hall since word spread about plans to revise the zoning ordinance. More than 1,000 residents own campers, boats or RVs, according to Councilman Mark Scharringhausen.

"This obviously impacts a lot of people - not only people who own them, but for the people who live next to them," Scharringhausen said.

Resident Steve Barrett complained several months ago and gave city officials photos of RV and trailers parked too close to sidewalks.

"Many RVs aren't parked responsibly," he said.

The new guidelines would require them to be parked on a hard surface 6 feet from any lot line, and 1 foot inside the sidewalk.



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