Saturday, December 6, 2003

Stock Market Game

The Cincinnati Enquirer

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Middle school team rankings
Team Darkstar from the Miami Valley School just might have locked up its victory in the Stock Market Game by locking in their profits.

The students from Bill Glisson's American History class sold all 9,900 shares they had held in Carrier Access Corp. - the tech-firm that had added $60,858 to their portfolio over the last nine weeks. After commissions and losses in other investments, the students have turned $100,000 into $144,007 since the market simulation game began in October.

With just one week left in the 10-week game, it's unlikely that their classmates, the Prancing Peacocks, can close the gap.

In the high school division, the local leaders continue their jockeying.

Team Pop Gun Bob from Madeira High School is sitting in first among Greater Cincinnati high schoolers (and second statewide), overtaking its competitors for its first lead of the competition, thanks largely to substantial gains in Meritage Corp.

But with just $2,500 separating the top four teams, the last week of the Stock Market Game could be a squeaker.

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