Sunday, December 7, 2003

Queen City rewind

The week in business news in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky


Pete Rose. Will Rose's coming book be filled with tired, hackneyed stories that we've all heard before? Probably. Will he admit that he bet on baseball? Maybe. Will he make millions of dollars? Undoubtedly.

New Boeing CEO and GE Aircraft Engines alum Harry Stonecipher. Kudos on your new job. Now all you have to do is turn around a company and an industry awash in scandal and red ink. Starting this quarter. Best of luck.

Shareholders of Multi-Color Corp. After years of suffering, they've watched the shares double in value this year. That, plus a 3-for-2 stock split, makes the Rewind's account happy.


Castellini Co. The Wilder produce company sued for shipping onions to Pittsburgh restaurants that got caught ina hepatitis scare. The charges may or may not stick, but either way, it's not good news for a food firm.

Delta Air Lines and its pilots. The company apparently is pushing a 30 percent pay cut, pilots offering 9 percent. For both, it's pay now or pay later.


The U.S. Department of Transportation is now requiring airlines to report why flights are delayed. Because the results are reported two months later, this will not be of great comfort to Cincinnati travelers stuck in the holding area, 43 minutes late and counting.


More "local" news originating from outside of Cincinnati. Viewers will get a dose of this when WSTR-TV starts its nightly newscast this week, with weather and other features coming from Sinclair Broadcast Group's "News Central" in Baltimore. Rewind predicts: If you love your time with local personalities such as Denny Janson or Tim Hedrick, this is a trend you won't want other stations to follow.

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