Sunday, December 7, 2003

Letters to the editor

Roethlisberger looks more like a Heisman

Ben has my vote! A picture says a thousand words and the picture of Ben Roethlisberger on the front page of the sports section is a good likeness of - the Heisman Trophy ["RedHawks crowned as conference champions" Dec. 5]. One bad game at the start of the season (at Iowa) should not have eliminated the best college quarterback in the nation from the running for the Heisman. Perhaps more eyes will be opened on Dec. 18 when the Miami RedHawks take on the Louisville Cardinals in the GMAC Bowl.

Doug Wolf, Hamilton


Audit Halliburton after Head Start

I was interested to see the editorial ["Head Start investigation warranted," Dec. 1] calling for congressional scrutiny of how Head Start spends the money it's awarded by the government every year. I hope after they've thoroughly investigated that program for preschoolers, you'll urge congress to take a peek at the no-bid contracts awarded Halliburton and other Bush-Cheney friends and contributors who were similarly fortuitously positioned to lend a hand in the reconstruction of Iraq.

Nancy Bell, Hyde Park


Letters were unfair to senior citizens

I take exception to two letters recently submitted to the Enquirer: "Young should pay more taxes to aid old" (Nov. 26) and "Young shouldn't help able seniors" (Dec. 2). I don't believe the majority of seniors can afford to spend their money at casinos. If I had extra money to spend, it certainly wouldn't be at a casino. And it seems to me that many of our young people show little regard or respect for seniors nowadays. Fortunately, I am blessed with a loving and supportive family, but as a senior, I also have huge prescription drug bills each month to be paid from a small pension and Social Security.

Shirley Woodington, West Chester Township


Streicher deserves praise, not criticism

The Dec. 4, 2003 article ("City Council members livid over release of information") contains very worrisome statements by Laketa Cole, Christopher Smitherman and other council members, contending that the chief of police should not be making statements to the press without prior approval by the council. The last thing that the city needs is a muzzle on the chief of police.

Chief Thomas Streicher Jr. should be greatly commended for addressing the press as quickly as he did, thereby keeping an explosive issue from escalating. Chief Streicher, please keep up your good work, and do not let the shrill, self-promoting few deter you from your duties.

Robert W. Saul, Montgomery


Council members confused over roles

With leadership like the current Cincinnati City Council, it's a wonder riots haven't started ("City Council members livid over release of information," Dec. 4). Laketa Cole wants government control of the public's information, Christopher Smitherman puts on airs as the "board of directors of Cincinnati," and Alicia Reece expects immediate delivery to her front door (confusing the city manager with FedEx).

Bobby Deerfield, Hebron


More responsibility means less trouble

Is it too hard to ask parents to teach their children responsibility? Every day in the paper you see people blaming everyone else for their mistakes (pick an article). If you drink and drive someone will get hurt, if you shoot someone they may die and you may go to jail, if you steal you may get caught, if you take drugs you may die, hurt someone or go to jail. Why is it so hard to figure out that if you think first and then act, you could save a lot of people a lot of grief and hassle and keep a few lawyers out of work?

Katie Schmitz, Madeira

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